Ouzo of Mytilene


classic & beloved

A captivating aroma

Sweet on the palate, with a velvety flavor and captivating aroma, Samaras ouzo is ready to offer unforgettable moments to those who wish to sample a brand of ouzo that is in every way authentic. With respect for its grandfather’s passion and awareness of its responsibility towards its consumers to craft flawless products, the Samaras family, expertly monitors every stage of its ouzo production to ensure that with every sip of our ouzo you get nothing but quality, flavor, and aroma.

A mild ouzo

Based on selected ingredients, such as the renowned aniseed from Lisvori village, processed water from the area of Gera, alcohol of agricultural origin (molasses), sugar, onions, barley, mastic from Chios and other supplementary enhancing sweeteners, a mild, 100% distilled ouzo is produced with fine aroma and pleasant taste.

To be savored along with: olives, sardines from Kalloni, fried cheese-pies and local dishes.


Product code Description Alcohol content Quantity per box
01 - 014 Ouzo Samara 50ml 40% 96 bottles / box
01 - 001 Ouzo Samara 200ml 40% 48 bottles / box
01 - 702 Ouzo Samara 200ml 40% 24 bottles / box
01 - 002 Ouzo Samara 350ml 40% 24 bottles / box
01 - 003 Ouzo Samara 700ml 40% 12 bottles / box
01 - 007 Ouzo Samara 1lt 40% 12 bottles / box
01 - 018 Ouzo Samara 2lt 40% 6 bottles / box
01 - 005 Ouzo Samara 5lt 40% 2 bottles / box