no sugar added

The ouzo of tomorrow… today!

After two years of exhaustive research and tests, SAMARAS DISTILLERY AVEE presents “CHORIS”, its new innovative Ouzo Mytilinis.

A superbly crafted ouzo, “CHORIS” -which means “WITHOUT” in Greek- is the end product of 100% distillation, made without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners. The new ouzo’s competitive edge can be traced to the fact that, although we kept our ouzo’s basic raw ingredient (Lisvori anise) intact, we added no sugar: “CHORIS” is a pure distillate with its own, natural sweetness that wholesome grains give it.

It is clear in appearance, with an enjoyable, robust nose, and a rather condensed body. With its ABV standing at 40%, “CHORIS” pleasantly surprises with its natural sweetness and lingering aftertaste.

A pure distillate, naturally sweet

It is a classic distillation of anise and grains in a copper still for 8.5 hours. Next, we thin the distillate with processed water. No sugar added. Its natural sweetness comes from the starch the grains provide. It has a pleasant, robust nose, with notes of jasmine and black tea.

In an ouzo glass, pour 30ml of “CHORIS” ouzo. Add 30ml of chilled, mineral water, so that you can release our ouzo’s aromatic traits more effectively. Depending on the temperature of your surroundings, you can add 1-2 ice cubes. No more than that!

It goes beautifully with bruschettas, finger food, shrimp pouches, and sushi.

A groundbreaking cap and bottle design

We designed our ouzo’s packaging with the emphasis on the selection of the materials. Our ouzo bottles feature NRP aluminum screw-caps with a special, controlled-pour device for easy and controlled pouring.

Our ouzo bottle has been designed in a bright, pale green color. The transparent label with its discreet, foil-stamping detailing in a copper color, showcase the purity of the distillate.

The first ouzo in Greece to bear a Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Declaration per 100mL per 30mL serving DRI % per 30mL
Calories 1116kJ / 280kcal 348kJ / 84kcal 4% / 4%
Total Fat <0,5g <0,5g 0%
Saturated Fat <0,1g <0,1g 0%
Total Carbohydrate <0,5g <0,5g 0%
Total Sugars <0,5g <0,5g 0%
Protein <0,5g <0,5g 0%
Sodium <0,1g <0,1g 0%

Some truths about ouzo in general:

  • Bottled ouzo that is 100% the product of distillation is a genuine, pure distillate crafted from raw ingredients deriving from plants: ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin (from sugar beets or raisins), anise, barley, various other grains, mastic, onions, salt, and aromatic herbs of the Greek land. It is completely safe for public consumption as long as it is responsibly consumed in reasonable amounts.
  • No-name bulk ouzo of dubious origin is best avoided. Our health should not be sacrificed at the altar of what’s inexpensive: low-cost products may seriously compromise our health.
  • Pour 1 serving of ouzo in your glass. Add 1 serving of chilled water (preferably mineral water). In that way, not only do you achieve the perfect balance in your ouzo/water ratio of dilution but you also release the full fragrance of anise. If need be, you can add a couple of ice cubes, but remember: don’t add them unless it’s absolutely necessary and not until you’ve first diluted your ouzo with water!
  • When drinking ouzo it’s best to nibble on appetizers than to eat a whole meal! One nibble of mezé corresponds to one sip of ouzo. To avoid any morning-after headaches, do not drink your ouzo on an empty stomach and always stay hydrated.
  • Do not drink your ouzo and drive.
  • It’s not important to count the glasses of ouzo we’ve drunk. What’s important is to count the beautiful moments it’s given us!


Product code Description Alcohol content Quantity per box
01 - 901 Ouzo Samara "Choris" 200ml 40% 24 bottles / box
01 - 903 Ouzo Samara "Choris" 700ml 40% 6 bottles / box